Monday, 26 September 2011

Wartime crisps

Saw this on another blog yesterday and decided to give it a go - good way of using every bit of the potato! I always remembered in Home Economic classes we were told that all the good things in a vegetable were right under the skin, so this is another way of making sure we get all those too.
Tried them today, and the results were excellent, bug thumbs up from EJ too - who is very discerning in the crisp department, I can tell you lol

Peel the potatoes thinly ( as you always should anyway I suppose); tiny bit of oil on a baking tray, dry off the skins if  they need it, on to the tin and into a very hot oven until crisp and brown ; sprinkle with salt immediately they come out of the oven.
Give it a go!

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