Friday, 30 September 2011

Hedgerow rum

This is a new one for me, loosely based on a recipe in a book; the whole point of these sorts of seasonal drinks is to use what you can forage at the time. In this one, I have the very last of the elderberries, plus rosehips, brambles and rowans. Remember *always* to leave some for wildlife to help them through the autumn and winter.
Collect your fruit in the middle of the day when it's good and dry, only use sound fruit.  Pick over it all, removing leaves, twigs, rotten bits, stems and beasties. Try and get an even balance fo fruits, but again, go with what you've got. Layer the fruit in a wide neck jar with sugar - I used vanilla sugar for an extra taste kick, but plain granulated would do, or maybe a soft brown sugar for this one.  Pour over dark rum, seal and shake. Leave in a cool dark place shaking occasionally; ready by Yule. Looking forward to this one! Will report back.

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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Sorry can't look at alcohol right now, damn that wine last night! ;-D