Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My new 'green' iron

Ironing - love it or hate it? I'm in the love camp for this one :)I've had to invest in a new iron, but wanted a dry iron, less to go wrong, a good weight, something that is a pleasure to use and take care of. Good old      e-bay came up with this little treasure for me:

A real proper dry iron, made by Sunbeam, beautiful to handle, good weight in my hand and in superb condition. It even came in its original box:

I am quite wary of buying secondhand electrical equipment, but was heartened by the seller's assurance that the iron  had been well tested, etc, so I went ahead with the purchase

All for £14 +  p&p.
Call it vintage, call it shabby chic, call it 'green', call it recycled - call it what you will, but I'm delighted that these good quality items are still about if you search them out and make the effort, and I'm equally delighted that some good and decent people are taking the time and making the effort to make them available to buy for people who care :)


jill said...

I do like your iron maybe I should get one that cannot go wrong cos Im always buying them.I dont like ironing but I do like to see a good job done.Love Jill xx

Down by the sea said...

I don't enjoy ironing very much although it is not so bad now the children aren't at home. I think that's a great idea buying an old one the new ones are dreadful and don't last anytime at all! I'll have to remember this next time mine breaks.
Hope you get my hours of ironing out of yours.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see it has been PAT tested mrs L