Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rejuvenating the wardrobe

- as in clothes within, not the wardrobe itself! Well, when I say within, there's lots ofother things in there apart from clothes, and lot of clothes not actually in the wardrobe; so, yes, a complete overhaul is required. I've a pile of nice things acquired to 'do things' with, and am looking forward to getting on with that, getting back to the sewing machine, been a while.
Firt thing I've been meaning to do for a long time now (over a year, I suspect) is update a cardigan. I'm not a fan of Marks & Spencer as a rule, but they do/did make lovely lambswool jumpers. I managed to find a very nice plain black lambswool cardigan for only £3, so snapped that up. However, think 1980s - hideous 'gold' buttons and HORROR of HORRORS - shoulder pads!!!   lol
I popped over the road to my beloved Hansons and invested less than £4 in some new mixed buttons for it. Job completed this morning, and am very  pleased with it.

It's now ready to go into the wardrobe once I get it cleared and sorted; my intention too is to cover all my wooden hangers, something else that is a long-term project, but I have a nice stripey knitted one all ready for this to hang on.
Will  go upstairs later and sort the next project ready...............

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