Friday, 27 January 2012

White chocolate and cherry ice cream

This is an off the cuff recipe, so adaptable to what you have in the larder, once the basic ice cream is made.
I use a pot of single cream, 300ml and one egg yolk - heat the cream and stir in the beaten eg yolk, cook gently until thickens - this gives  a good custard base for the icecream. When thickened, take it off the heat and leave to cool a bit. Add about 1 tbsp Thorntons white hot chocolate, and a handful of fresh cherries, stoned and halved. Stir in well, then taste and adjust sweetness with white sugar. Pour back into the washed crem carton, pop the lid back on and freeze until required. Best served slightly on the soft side I think.
You can add anything at all to the custard mix once it's made - any fruit, chopped, syrups, chocolate chips, vanilla essence, cocoa powder, marshmallows...................

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Writing from the Edge said...

Yum yum! Yes please. A bit of choppped crystallised ginger might be nice in it, too.
Thought you might like to know I have listed your blog in the section 'I like these...' at the bottom of my blog! Happy days.