Friday, 16 August 2013

Creative shopping - again

Not the world's greatest lover of 'real' shopping, but it has to be done sometimes.  Had to go into town today, so went to the nearest supermarket for shopping to make it logistically sensible, was Sainsbury, which is ok, not as bad as some of them. Ended up with over £11 in savings at the checkout, put the Nectar points on to my daughter's (student!) card, and managed to persuade the staff at Customer Services to backdate some Nectar points from a receipt more than a few days out of date. Got some lovely f=good wine at half price, and 6 punnets of half price peaches; found some authentic Italian spaghetti - the impossibly long stuff, comes in a beautiful blue paper wrapping, but sooooooooooooooooo   long!  lol Found a few more reduced bargains as well, so was pleased with my shopping efforts.
Before we got there, we dropped some stuff off for recycling, had a look about and came home with a big box for £2 - all stuff I can use or pass on.

Lovely decorated net food covers (been hankering after these in the Lakeland catalogue) , teapot with pigs on, mug with chicken on, various china flowers, a big water storage container, picture (for the frame), wee oval basket, and a big modern basket to carry it all in. Star purchase, though, was the food processor you can see in the middle picture. I spent two hours on the net last week, looking for a non-electric food processor, but decided to wait a while.  Lo and behold, up it turned!  So, each item was 20p each. I'm putting stuff by for when I move too, so lots is getting bought/packed with that intention.
This morning I got on and spun a second bobbin of the flame coloured tops, so now have these two lovelies on the lazy Kate, will be plying tomorrow at some point. I'm hoping to go to the Wilderness Gathering, but that really depends on the weather, will see how it is in the morning. If rain stops play, plying and peach jam it is.

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