Saturday, 17 August 2013

Wilderness Gathering in pictures

The two photos above are of Martin's Jerked Meat stall; I've been following his business for a while, and he seems to now be on the up, having secured funding to expand, with new equipment etc. I bought some jerky and some mead marzipan for later.


Simple tools for the outdoor, always time for a cup of tea!

Loved this building in the centre of the main area, made from hazel hurdles; there were a lot of fine canvas/wood/tent-like structures to admire
Another simple idea for drying clothes


Really liked this one, and little canister that attaches to the side of the stove pipe to heat water. This one only fitted this particular type of stove, but  great idea, easily adaptable

Making the head for the axe to be auctioned off tomorrow - love the timeless sounds of blacksmithing

Small-scale charcoal burning here, found out a possible source for a small burner like the one ;ictured. Will investigate that for future plans

These last four photos are of Dave Budd at work, and some of his beautiful creations. I really want the cutlery set...................................  will save up for that and get it soon I hope. Fell in love with it :)

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