Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Watermelon and peach wine

Inspired by a recipe on the net, I adapted it to fit with what I had in.

1 1/2 medium sized ripe water melons
2 peaches
3 lemons
handful of dried dates
2 lbs sugar
6 pints hot water
1 sachet dried yeast

Put the flesh of the watermelon into your brewing vessel, and all the juice you can get from it; I  scooped the flesh into the pot and squeezed it up with my hands. Add the chopped, stoned peaches, sliced lemons and dates. Put in the hot water, stir very well, then add the yeast. Cover.
That's where I'm at now.

It will be left in the kitchen for 3 -4 days, stirred daily, then strained into a demi-john and fermented out, racked and bottled. I have high hopes for this one :)


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