Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Paprika chicken

Have made this for supper tonight, with rice.  No recipe as such, and it's a good way of stretching some chicken - two chicken breasts will feed three adults this way.

Heat some butter and a little oil in a pan, add onions and diced chicken, cook over medium heat, add chopped fresh tomatoes, a squirt of tomato puree and a slosh of wine. Add smoked paprika to taste, cover and leave to cook over a low heat - mine is on the low end of the Rayburn until supper time, smelling rather good. Will finish it with either soured cream or fresh cream, depends what's needing used up first.
The chicken, tomatoes and spring onions all needed using up, and I added in the leftover artichoke hearts from the other day. Any other chopped veg could be added to use it up, if raw, add at the beginning, if cooked, add later on.

Plum and gooseberry crumble for pudding, to use up some more; the colours of the cooked fruits are glorious


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Simone said...

The chicken sounds really tasty with the paprika. I think you have helped me decide what is for dinner tonight!