Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day Five in the Holiday House

It's been a lovely day here today, warm and sunny; now, at 9.15pm the sky is like a watercolour wash of pinks and pale blues, greys and turquoises, and very peaceful. Saw no humans again today, although the cat did grace me with his company while I watered outdoors and re-filled the bird feeders. Spent the day quietly knitting, finished my sheep (picture below) and have cast on the next project already. Had a lovely lunch of tortellini with chunky tomato sauce and real buffalo mozzarella

I went down to the shed and filled a basket with jam jars ready for tomorrow's marathon marrow efforts, looking forward to that. I love cooking (as you know), but now have the added interest of an unknown kitchen and a very fast gas cooker, will enjoy all that.
Have just had to zap another one on Facebook; why do some men think it's alright to write really lewd and degrading comments to you, then act all surprised when you're unhappy about it? Well, sod him, he's well zapped and gone, serves him right. Sheesh.


pancake said...

ooh are you on facebook then? could I have the link?

MrsL said...
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