Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day Six in the Holiday House

Woke up to another lovely day here, but almost on the cusp of the autumn turning - you know that moment when there is a perceptible change in the light, the tiniest wee nip of cool in the air?  I think we're almost there, although there is still some good warm weather to come I feel. This turning, and the leading up to it is my very favourite time of year, everything just seems right with my world. Yesterday I spent a few hours here in the kitchen, making things with the free courgettes we found on a garden wall in the village. I would make some chutney, but can't find  any plain vinegar, so the last marrow will go home with me and I'll bring some of the chutney back when it's done. Spent a nice few minutes watching out of the kitchen window while the juvenile starlings were bouncing on the washing line lol. Lots of butterflies about again, which I love. It was also my lovely daughter's 22nd birthday, so we all went out for supper; it was great to get Bean and Shaun and EJ all together again. Lots of laughs and talking, a lot of it went over my head, the computer stuff and things, but I'm used to that. Picked up my Abel & Cole delivery on the way back here, but yet another mistake, the third week in a row, so very disappointed with that. Will be cancelling my orders from them, for now at least, and go back to the little independent supermarket* I use. Abel & Cole were great while I wasn't well enough to shop, but I continued as their  stuff was so good, but if they can't get my orders right for the money I'm paying them, then bye bye for now. Will miss the seasonal excitement of opening the fruit/veg box though! I'm almost back to being well enough to get back out in the garden too, so will be able to get some veg in for winter I hope, and there looks to be an excellent crop of Devonshire Quarenden apples to deal with, and medlars. I need to check my quinces when I get back too, fingers crossed for them.
Bit of sadness on the way back here late at night; we saw two badgers; the first one was by another badger who had sadly been run over on the road, perhaps its mate?  That scene will haunt me for many a day, and I shed quite a few tears when I got back. I love seeing them running around and know how privileged I am to have the opportunity, but I wish, I wish that drivers would be more careful if they can. :(



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