Friday, 9 August 2013

Day Seven in the Holiday House

Started as another lovely day here, but got chillier as the day wore on; by evening, I was ready for bed to keep warm - I haven't brought any cardis or jumpers with me, so under the duvet it was! Another quiet day, only saw one person, and that was the postman through the window on the front door. heard the usual horse riders, cyclists, and lots of noise from the gaggle of starling youngsters playing in and around the back garden. I spent the morning on a bit of sewing, as I said my sewing machine has forgiven me for its non-action over quite a few months, and after a few false starts, was running fine; I've started a patchwork project, and have various bits of sewing to do when I get home too. The rest of the day was spent working on my knitting, and adaptation of Judy Furlong's 'Delft' cardigan. Loving knitting this, doing it in the round and it's top quality wool, smells lovely and woolly/sheepy and is just the most gorgeous colours. It will be a sleeveless pullover, which I feel will show off the design to its best.

Other than that, a very quiet day again; tomorrow will be my last day here, need to start thinking about getting all my things together and making sure I don't leave anything behind. I usually do............................

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