Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day Four in the Holiday House

Woke to a grey and drear day, didn't look wonderful out there, but was warm and breezy.Spent time working on the sheep and more research online. Holiday cat was about - came down to find him asleep in the dish drainer in the kitchen.................. he also came out to accompany me to lunch:

Here he is eyeing up my plate!

Shortly after this pic was taken, the heavens opened and I beat a hasty retreat inside with plate and wine to the table!  Neeedless to say I'd already spent half an hour watering all the plants out there, should have known it would rain.


1 comment:

Miss Sandra said...

Smart kitty knows good food when he sees it. It does look yummy!
Frustrating when you spend all that time watering the plants and then it rains. I know...done it many a time myself. :)
Wishing you lovely and blissful rain-free days ahead!