Monday, 5 August 2013

Day Three in the Holiday House

A very quiet Sunday here, not even cat for company; he showed up early for breakfast, then I saw neither hide nor hair of him after that. I did, however, meet three wee slugs on the kitchen floor..........  never fails to amaze me when they appear like that?  Just *how* do they get in?  Catflap?  I have no idea...................
Knitting on the sheep continued - lots of wee fiddly bits that will need careful sewing together and stuffing when done; bit on the tedious side, but will be nice when he's finished :)  Spent a lot of time online, reading and researching stuff. Tried to get the TV  to come on, but it just kept saying 'no signal' so I left it at that - certainly don't miss it at all, just more out of curiosity to see what was on. A chance comment on Facebook sent me haring off on a successful mission to procure a ticket to see Bryan Ferry and Steve Harley/Cockney Rebel playing at Glastonbury Abbey next Sunday night, very excited about that! Not long to wait either :) Monday will see me in the kitchen I think, a few things to cook and experiment with. On the way here on Thursday we spotted some free courgettes/marrows on a village wall, so came home with three of them; jam and other stuff in the offing. Always interesting cooking in someone else's kitchen!


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Jo said...

I've been making jam today too. Whatever is the lady in the picture doing? I can't enlarge it and it looks like she is sewing something around the lid...?