Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday brewing...............

It's a really busy time of year in the self-reliant kitchen just now - a lot of produce is ready for harvesting, processing, preserving..........However, the day to day jobs still need to be done as well, and I've found the trick is not to rush at them, but take it all at a steady pace, and I'll get through them. One ongoing job that needs close attention is racking the wine; most of what I racked today was made mid-June, so was well ready by now. If it's left too long on the lees, then an unpleasant, often medicinal taste can be imparted, and the wine spoiled - a waste of good produce, expensive sugar and valuable time, so I make time to keep a close eye on it. Racked today: 2 gallons of parsley, 4 elderflower, 2 jam, dandelion, orange, peapod, mead, tea, gooseberry and honeysuckle. The apple and elderberry cottage cider went into demi-johns, and the whole lot were dusted own and cleaned off before returning to the store room along with the new damson and apple and marrow I made recently. Tomorrow's job is to make another 3 gallons of cottage cider, but that's quite an easy one. I also spied hlaf a bucket of damsons still urking there, but I'll probably jam those. I got the plum and damson chutneys bottled, to cool overnight and label and store in the morning. Just the washing up mountain to tackle now - again! LOL

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