Sunday, 30 August 2009

No rest for the wicked...............

I didn't have my usual easy Sunday today, as being out all day yesterday meant I had to catch up on all the harvest that made my kitchen do a good impression of Covent Garden LOL. I certainly don't resent the time spent, though, and as the weather wasn't too nice here - wet and chilly - it was quite nice being in the kitchen all day. I made a pot of tomato sauce for the freezer; damson chutney; plum chutney; 2 apple pies; 1 greengage pie; one pie shell to use up the extra pastry; started off a gallon of elderberry port and got the damson wine into the demi-john. Tomorrow I'll deal with the last half bucket of damsons and the big pan of apples. I got a hat knitted too :)

Tomorrow's main job is this:

Mainly bottling I think, but a bit of racking off to get done too; plus the usual Monday jobs ofcourse.


MoominMama said...

Any chance of getting the apple pie recipe?
I've been looking for a good one! :)

MrsL said...

OK, will post it now - very simple, but good.