Monday, 31 August 2009

Making pastry part III


Spirit of Old said...

Thanks Mrs L! I've been having discussions with my daughter over the last few days about making pastry. She's 11 and just discovering (and loving) being in the kitchen and wants to make pastry next but it's the one thing I have a "thing" about ... I always put off trying it out in case I fail and usually resort to buying pastry and then get annoyed because it's so silly! That's it, you've spurred me on ... we'll have a pastry making session together and sort it once and for all :)

MrsL said...

Well done, it might take a few goes to get better, but no matter what, it's always edible, if untidy! LOL I liek patry's versatility - just roll it out, put something in the middle - whjatever you fancy, really, sweet or savoury - and pop it inot a hot oven and you have a meal; freezes well cooked or uncooked.
If you need to be roganised, the flour with the fat rubbed in, before you add the water, will keep in a covered dish in teh fridge for up to about a fortnight. Then, you can just add water for pastry, or a bit of sugar for crumble mix.