Friday, 9 October 2009

Jumble sale

I love jumbles sales, but you probably thought I would! We are lucky here in the village to average 4 or 5 a year for various causes, so I get a fairly regular fix lol. There is one tomorrow in the village hall, so I shall be trundling along with my wheelie basket to see what treasures I can unearth. I do find that sometimes I'm too polite, and don't do the pulling and tugging, the elbowing out of the way, or sneaking in from the side tricks..............
This time I'm on the lookout for fabric - for patchwork, quilting and re-making into other things. Tomorrow morning's mission is to amass a goodly pile of change in readiness.
I shall report back about my haul, and what I intend to make/do with it. I may just come back with a pile of books instead, though; or even as well.


Mrs M said...

So do I! The season of jumble sales is now upon us, what joy. I have bought wonderful books, fabrics etc, but like you I am too polite to push, shove or elbow. May be we'll meet again tomorrow.

Becks said...

Oh have fun.
I used to be like you too, too polite to push and shove. Until the day somebody literally wrestled a felt calendar from my hands and I fought back lol. Now I grab it and stare intently ahead. Still can't do the eye contact thing though lol.