Monday, 5 October 2009

Simple pleasures for a Monday morning..........

Getting up early and watching the daylight come...........

Feeding the livestock - always pleased to see me!

Hearing the rain on the windows, the swishing of the tyres as the early traffic passes

Sorting the laundry - clean clothes, folding, stacking, putting away

Ironing - transforming a higledy pig into a lovely stack of neatness

Turning up the Rayburn for baking and making tea from my great grandmother's cast iron kettle

Changing the bed linen

Laughing at the dog when he is distinctly unimpressed with the rain

Having a giggle with the post girl about her weekend shenanigans

The clean, fresh soapy smell of homemade washing powder

Opening the Jiffy bag with my new book inside

A thick cotton mophead to clean the kitchen floor with - a delight to use

Slotting in a few rows of knitting when I "should be cleaning"

Realising there isn't as much housework to do as I thought.............

The smell of another bucket of ripe apples to be processed

A full, well -stocked larder and store cupboard, with a view towards winter and harder times

Seeds to sort and store away, decide if I need any more...........

The delights of autumn colours right outside my kitchen window:

Life is good.

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