Sunday, 4 October 2009

Puppy love, part II

So - the puppy jumpers, and mum's, are all done now, safely delivered. These are the pups:

Each little jumper has a letter of the company's name on it, all in company colours; the tenth one has the mascot bee on:

They're for a sepcial promotional photo shoot, so they won;t be wearing them long, then they're going on display in the teashop I think, pegged on a line!
I really enjoyed this project, with some more bits to get on with this week as well. Had a long discussion about the value of hand- made things with the customer, so have decided to put my knitting business on a more organised and formal footing, so watch this space LOL


MoominMamma said...

My goodness, what adorable puppies! :D
Looking forward to hearing more about your knitting business, that sounds very interesting.

Spirit of Old said...

Beautiful! All that work! They really do look adorable though :)