Thursday, 8 October 2009

Quilt top progress

Got stuck in this morning and made the blocks for the quilt; I decided to stretch the prints a bit further by making half square triangles - one of my favourite themes. Happy with the results so far, so now deciding on sashing and borders - wonder how big it will end up? I have a large stash to get

I'ts a really beautiful autumn day here, turned out quite warm. Quiet here - EJ has gone out, so it's just me and the dog, and he's asleep. I'm waiting for the fishman to come, then it's back to the machine. I've made cottage pies for supper, so that's all sorted, giving me an extra hour at the machine I hope; it's a joy to use after being thoroughly serviced and cleaned - it's like new and is making a nice purring sound instead of a bit of a rattle!

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Anonymous said...

If I were to chose one crafting skill to excell at, I think it would be quilting. As it is, I can just about sew a straight line. I'm enjoying following your progress.