Sunday, 4 October 2009

Up, up and away.................

This balloon was spotted early morning out the front of our house, disappearing over the pub..............

This one was spotted from the top of the duck and hen run - bit close, that's my brambly hedge at the bottom of the photo! I thought he was going to land, but he fired up the burner and off they went into the wild blue yonder - rather them than me, though!

After breakfast, I spent the morning in the kitchen with this little lot:

48 bottles, all ready for storing back in the freezer room to mature. This afternoon will be racking off some more, sorting the rest of the bottles and taking ages to ferry all the bottles and demi-johns out there again!!
In the bottles we have: 5 peapod, 4 gooseberry, 3 honeysuckle,4 dandelion, 8 parsley, 11 elderflower, 5 jam, 4coffee and 4 rose pouchong tea.
There are another 11 elderflower waiting to be taken outside, and 8 bottles of mead.
Should keep us going for a while...............;)

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