Thursday, 8 October 2009

Local, lovely and line caught!

Thursday is fish day; I am lucky enough to have a local fishmonger who has a round in the nearby villages, and Thursday lunchtime is when he gets to me. He's one of the sons of my butcher. His fish is so fresh, beautifully presented; he is very knowledgeable about his stock, and is willing to tell you everything about the bit of fish you fancy. I buy only local fish from him(although he does stock things like tuna and prawns, etc), and always ask the provenance. He knows me now, though, and points out the best he has; his new label will be "Local, lovely and line caught", for fish that meet those criteria. The sea bream in the pic is what I chose today; line caught by a couple of lads in the town next to me, just off Weymouth, last night, couldn't be fresher.
For me, fresh fish this way is good value; although the bottom line, ie the money you hand over, may seem quite high, what price a man's life to get fresh local food on my table? I am happy to pay the going price to support such a local business - ethical, sustainable, honest, and would rather have this sort of fish less often where I can make an informed choice as to what I buy to feed my family. So, well done Gary and Scott, I'll be buying more of your fish. It's not often you can actually name the people who grow/catch/rear your food, these days is it?

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