Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Big step forward

Good news just come in the post! We are changing our electricity supplier to Good Energy, and have now got a change-over date of 22nd September; from then, all our electricity will be from renewable sources, something I've hankered after for years. OH keen too, but more interested in the money side. However, it seems we are paying 2.00 per month less than we were with Southern ELectric, despite Good Energy's unit price and standing charge both being higher, and the fact they increased their porices by 16% at the start of this month. Refund expected back from SE too, which will be nice. Our electricity usage must have reduced even further, which is very good news both on the ecological front and on the money front. There's not much more we can do, I don't think; cost will rise over winter with the small electric heaters in two fo the bedrooms for the children, but both are on timers. We need to get more wood stored for burning and seasoning for further down the line. We don't ahve gas here, so it's wood for heating and water, supplemented by coal, which we are trying to wean ourselves from. Tricky to keep the Rayburn in overnight without coal, though, but we are working on that one.


Ed said...

Love the song on your site, please tell me what the album is. I played it over and over again, just what I needed at that moment. Thanks.

MrsL said...

Hi Ed!! It's a very beautiful piece of msuic, isn't it? I find it calming and uplifting, as you say, just what you need :)
It's by a group called Soundforth, and is an arrangement of a traditional melody. I picked it up on an American blog, where it has been named Come Thy Fount of Every Blessing and made into a hymn. If you search for "Soundforth" you might turn something up. I found teh sheet music on the net, so am now going to be able to play it myself on the fiddle (I hope!)


Libbys Blog said...

I would be interested to know how you get on with keeping the Rayburn in overnight too please!!

Ed said...

Thanks, I found the page with the album, put the link below if anyone is interested.