Sunday, 14 September 2008

Home from market

We always stop on the way home on Friday lunchtimes, and have our picnic lunch somewhere nice in the countryside; there are lots of lanes, gateways, laybys and designated stopping areas, many with woodland and other walks attached. Last Friday we stopped just outside Cowgrove; there was a walk off down towards Shapwick, with a few folks taking advantage of the glorious day - warm sun on my back, still air, bright, lovely autumn day. I picked lots of brambles from a very old hedge - lots to look at there - oak galls (have earmarked them for later to have a go at ink making), holly, field maple, hawthorn, rose.......lots of butterflies and a huge wasp landed on my arm, like a wood wasp I think, but will have to check it out further - not one of our stinging friends, but very handsome:) Our lunch consists of a pasty or similar which I buy in the market - there is a stall which seels them - all free range pork and butter pastry; a welcome Friday ritual of a treat now! OH picked up a couple of falled logs too, and squirrelled them away int he back of the car. On the way home we stopped on the top of Bulbarrow to check for sloes. Not a sloe in sight - very bad year for them all around, but I was treated to this lovely view across the Balckmore Vale, bathed in sunshine. What a wonderful place to live.

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Leanne said...

beautiful pics sarah, that view is amazing from up there- its somewhere i havent been yet but i will.... :-)

Leanne x