Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I love books, and have a lot of them. Since we moved to this house, and have a bit more room for bookcases, I seem to have amassed an awful lot; mainly non-fiction. I rarely read fiction, as I'd rather spend my reading time on practical instructive books, where I can try things out, give thing s a go, etc, or be inspired by lots of pictures and tales of others' experiences, successes and failures. My books, though have never been organised, apart from some upstairs, some downstairs and quite a lot in the bedroom! Decided to tackle it all yesterday, so am now organising them into subjects so I can see exactly what I've got, and where it is. The main category is craft books, and the black bookcase (soon to be painted) in the pic is for knitting, spinning, weaving, quilting, etc. The bigger bookcases on the left are sectioned off, so it should be relatively easy to get them straight. I have managed to weed out a few which will get passed on, but not as many as I had hoped so far! I have found several I had forgotten about, already, and two I didn't even know I had :)

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