Thursday, 18 September 2008

First birthday giveaway!!!

Yes - the blog is one year old tomorrow (19th September). To celebrate, I thought I'd get hip and trendy and do a giveaway :) This is to say a huge thankyou to all who read here - there are quite a lot of you, and every reading and comment is very much appreciated by me. It's lovely to think that people all over the world are reading what I write here. Nothing hugely exciting or earth-shattering, but hopefully it gives an insight into the way we live in our house, our steps towards living even more lightly on our lovely planet earth, and I'd love to think I could inspire folks to try something new or different.
This is what I am giving away:

Handknitted in pure wool, in a beautiful shade of teal; pattern is based on the very old "feather and fan" pattern.
If you would like to enter the giveaway, please say so below as a comment, or send an a-meil to:

I'll pop this up in the sidebar too.

Good luck, and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog; I love reading your comments, so please feel free to join in. Again, many, many thanks for reading this, I really appreciate it as I know how busy everyone is.
All best wishes from me.


H said...

Hello Sarah,

it is always a pleasure to pop in to see what you have been creating and to read your thoughts about what is going on in the world, both near and far.

Thank-you for sharing your wisdom :-)

Hannah xx

Leanne said...

congratultions on your first blogiversary Sarah! The scarf is gorgeous, whoever wins it will be so lucky!

Leanne x

Shropshire Girl said...

Hello Sarah,

There are three blogs I try to visit everyday. Down-to-earth, Home Matters Most and 21st Century Housewife! Love what you are doing!!

aromatic said...

Happy Birthday!! I really find your blog inspiring. I am not brave enough to have a blog of my own but do love catching up with yours.
I too have a great love of books and I am waiting for my very understanding other half to find some time to put up some shelving for me... I have books on aromatherapy, organic gardening/cooking, recycling, herbalism, reflexology, cats, dogs and so the list continues as does my collection!!

Kindest Regards,
Jane xx

Solorn said...

Your blog is a beautiful read, heres to more years of you writing.

And that scarf, oh how lovely. You can never have too many scarves.

Greentwinsmummy said...

Happy Blogbirthday!Thats a very lovely bit o knitting Mrs! :o)
Heres to any more years of sharing & lovely blog posts
GTM x x xx

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Happy Birthday to the blog - I am fairly new to the world of blogs and you are one that I try to read regularly - I love the recipes and hope to do more knitting this winter - although I am still at "the very simple scarves for toy bears" stage!

Rosie x

nita x said...

Happy birthday for your blog sarah :)

love your scarf, and would love to know how you knit in the lace pattern, looks really nice :)

heres to many more years of happy blogging, to a very inspirational lady.

nita xx

aromatic said...

aromatic here again... after leaving a comment on your blog last night, I thought long and hard about me starting a blog of my own and finally this morning have taken the plunge. I have not yet developed it very much as I am still trying to find my way around. Wish me luck! Will try and work on things over the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration you have given me.
Jane xx

allybea said...

Happy Blogiversary! And thank you for sharing all your wonderful knowledge.

That's a very pretty scarf. I hope the winner stays toastie warm while wearing it :)

Mrs C said...

Congratulations on your blogging birthday!

hen said...

happy blogaversary!!

I love your blog, it's so warm and nurturing, full of inspiration!! I dream about one day being able to knit a scarf like that, so maybe you could help me an Nita out and give us a few pointers?!?!?


thesnailgarden said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sarah. Sorry I'm a bit late (still playing catch-up). Thank you for an inspirational blog ... looking forward to the next year.

Best wishes Pj xx

lilymarlene said...

I suspect I am too late for the draw, but I'd love to know if you knitted the scarf, and if you did ...where you got the pattern. It is beautiful!
And congrats on a successful year blogging about the sheer pleasure of simple things.