Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday again.........

.......and halfway through september already - where did that go, then? :0 Here's a lovely photo to start the week off - the sun through the canopy of the wood, taken yesterday.

The year seems to be hurtling on towards winter at a great pace; there is a chill in the air, the morning is hung with jewelled cobwebs courtesy of the garden spiders - beautiful to look at, tickly to walk through:) Leaves are starting to drift to the ground, and the colours are turning, dying back, screaming out to be tidied up, but I like to let it wait a little longer to get more of the autumn colours. Time to clean out and look over the bird feeders, get the animal housing and sheds tiddlied up for winter weather, cut back nettles, clear greenhouses. It's certainly a busy time of year - garden kitchen, foraging, planning ahead for winter. The shelves are starting to fill up nicely with jams and bottles, almost time to start thinking about cake and puddings for the yule celebrations, getting stores of extra candles and lamp oil in, gathering up every available stick to feed the fires. It's a lovely time of year in spite of (or because of?) the hard work, but it brings me closer to the seasons and the turning of the year and the constancy that brings to life.

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Kim said...

You're not wrong about those spiderwebs, Sarah, I walked into one and had a massive spider swinging from my pony tail. Not good!

Kim x