Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Summer's End chutney

Finally managed to track down the recipe for this - I knew it was somewhere, had to trawl back to this time last year for it, here on the blog. It's a great way of using up the last of the summer veg, and you can mix and match any types of fruit and veg that need using up - courgettes, windfall apples, peppers, runner beans, odd cobs of corn, onions, cucumbers, damsons, few elderbrries, etc. Choose good robust spices - ginger, cloves, nutmeg - and add a good amount of seasoning, plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Give it about 3 months to mature, when it will brighten up a cheese sandwich in the depths of winter; also add a dollop to casseroles and soups for added zing. Let me know if you make it, and how you get on.

Summer's End chutney

6lbs of fruit/vegetables
3lbs tomatoes - green or red, or mixture of both
4lbs soft brown sugar
1 lb dried fruit
2 pints vinegar
herbs and spices to taste

Chop all vegetables finely and place in pan; add rest of ingredients and simmer slowly for several hours until thickened - when you draw the wooden spoon across the bottom of the pan, it should be thick enough not to run in and fill the space made. Stir occasionally during cooking time. Spoon inot hot, clean jars and seal immediately, or leave until cold and pot up then. Label date, and store somewhere cool and dry for about 3 months before using.


Terry said...

I love to read your blog, shall certainly be trying this if the pesky caterpillars leave me anything to put in it. Thanx Rebecca

MrsL said...

Thnakyou Terry. You could make it at any time of the year, really, just make sure the quantities of fruit/veg/whatever are in ratio to the sugar and vinegar; tinned tomaotes could be used too, quite successfully - either drain them first, or boil longer to evaporate the liquid a bit more. It's what I call "useful" recipe!