Monday, 5 January 2009

Gardener's world

On this day in 1968, Gardener's World was first broadcast on the BBC. The pic is of the inimitable Geoff Hamilton; he was the presenter of the programme when I got my first house and garden, and was very much an influence in my early gardening years. I have come a long way since then, but still remember his easy going presenting style and enthusiasm for all things that could be grown; never patronising, sensible, practical and with a sense of humour. I stopped watching the programme several years ago now, as my gardening has gone off in more eccentric directions LOL, and the magazine isn't quite my cup of tea either, but I know GW has been and still is a great influence on gardeners everywhere.
One of the BBC's better ones, this!


Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Geoff H wwas also a great influence on me and I shed a tear when he died - something I never normally do for people I don't actually know.

Rosie x

Rowan said...

Geoff Hamilton was great wasn't he, I've never really watched Gardeners World since he died though A Titchmarsh wasn't bad. It's lost the magic it had when Geoff was doing it though.