Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Things found.................

I'm presently reading an old book called "Come into the garden, cook", which was written and published during WW2 - I'll write about the book itself later. One thing I love is to find little snippets and bits of paper inside books - I have even been known to buy an otherwise uninteresting book from a charity shop just to explore the little slips of handwritten paper peeking from the pages :)

Right in the centre of the Constance Spry book was a small piece of paper, with neat hand writing on it:

Difficult to read on the screen; this is what it says:

It will never come again -

the scent of bracken and rain;

the flip of the wind through the trees

and - the touch of a hand.

I think that's beautiful, and I've spent a while pondering on who could have written it, but ofcourse I'll never know. The piece of paper will be kept inside the book for future readers to discover and get the same thrill as I did.


Goosey said...

Glad that you are joining me on my 100 bird challenge, lets hope we succeed!BW Goosey

Tea with Willow said...

What a treasure to find - if only we knew who'd written it ... and in what frame of mind? It sounds sad, doesn't it - but beautiful all the same.
Willow x

MrsL said...

I thought wistful, rather than sad; I had a notion to make it up into a sampler using cross-stitch maybe, that would be nice, and with a story behind it.

Leanne said...

Written during WW2, wonder if those hands never had the chance to hold again?

treasure indeed

leanne x

Rowan said...

I know exactly what you mean about finding bits and pieces inside old books, somehow it gives you a connection to people and times that are long gone. The same thought occurred to me as to Leanne.

LynnS said...

Oh, how I love that verse. What a beautiful find, and isn't it wonderful that it found you? I believe I would be using the verse in some form of needlework or in a collage. Thank you so much for sharing it. Now, the small verse written long ago is a part of the world.