Friday, 9 January 2009

Perfect mashed potato

Mshed potato, when well made is one of the very best vegetable dishes you could possibly eat!Mind you, when it's bad, it can be very, very bad, and a huge disappointment! This is how I make my own perfect mash.

Choose a good floury variety of potato; peel thinly, and cut into equal size pieces - this way it all cooks at the same rate and is ready all together - no hard half-raw bits in it, I hope. Have ready a colander in theink, and drain the potatoes through it. Try and drain the lquid into a bowl, and put it byfor vegetablestock/base for soups and sauces, add to casseroles, bread recipes, etc. Failing that, put it ont he garden if you can!

Give the potatoes about two or three minutes to drain thoroughly, shaking thecolander a couple of timesto get them moving. In the interim, put a large knob of good butter into the hot pan and swirl it around, then add a dash of milk, a good grind of black pepper and a pinch of salt.

turn the now dry potatoes back into the pan and mash with your preferred choice of masher. I've used all sorts over the years, but have come down in favour of a traditional wooden one, just a shaped piece of wood - it's a lovely thing to use, and to look at. I tried a ricer once, but it was a bit much faff for me LOL. When good and mashed, give it a good whisk around with a fork to make sure the butter and milk and seasonings are well incorporated, heat through if required and serve.

It's also a good base for other recipes - colcannon, for example. I try and make a bit extra if I have room in the pot and the extra potatoes - used then for croquettes, tattie scones, shepherd's or cottage pie topping, etc.

Can't beat it!


Eileen said...

Wow, you are the first person that I have heard of, that uses the old potato masher -I have an antique one on my kitchen wall display of old kitchen tools that belonged to my husbands great grandmother - perhaps I'll dust it off and give it a try....always a pleasure

Mrs C said...

I'm planning mash to go with our dinner tonight, so interesting to read how you do yours!