Thursday, 8 January 2009

Spring can't be far behind..............

These are my hyacinth bulbs in the kitchen, well on their way now - they have grand roots on them too.The sent of hyacinths is one of my very favourites, and one stem can scent a room for a couple of weeks. I've had the container for a long time- it's an antique German mould, ceramic, but with a couple of cracks in, so probably wouldn't hold liquid. It's well past its best, so couldn't sell it either, so rather than throw it away (horror of horrors!!!), I used it for this; think it's quite funky LOL Can't remember what colour the flowers are, so that'll be a nice surprise. :)


Frau Putz said...

I love your mould. Lovely idea filling it with bulbs.
BTW: You can usually tell the colour of the flower by the colour of the bulb. If the bulb is lightly coloured brown the flower will be white - and if the bulb is dark almost purple the flower will be pink or blue.
From what I can see of your bulbs my guess is they'll be white by the time they fill your house with their lovely scent.
Best wishes from another bulb-lover.

MrsL said...

White definitely rings a bell, so they most likely will be. I'd forgotten about the colour of the bulb tip, so thanks for the reminder.
Time will tell, and no doubt I'll post a pic up when they flower, they're such a beautiful plant. Mine go outside int eh garden afterwards, where, after a year when they build up their strength, they flower quite well.

Tea with Willow said...

I love the idea of growing bulbs in unusual containers - I have a lovely pink hyacinth blooming at the moment and the smell is just fabulous!
Willow x

LynnS said...

The scent of a hyacinth is an elixir.

Leanne said...

i love them too, but cant handle the bulbs, i have a very wheezy, itchy reaction to them (rolls eyes) doesnt stop me buying ready planted ones, though! or getting mum around to plant them for me :-)

leanne x

The Squirrel Family said...

I too have a hyacinth just poking from the leaves and the smell is filling the air already

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