Monday, 5 January 2009


I love the word itself - homespun. Captures it all for me! Anyway, here's the latest homespun from me LOL

The skeins are 50g of alpaca which I spun yesterday; I have to admit I didn;t really enjoy this one, but it's a Guild challenge, so, as Chairman, I felt duty bound to come up with something. I now have to make it into an article, but not sure what yet; I may dye it first, but teh enxt stage is wshing the skeins today.

Remember the little red teapot from a while back? Well, here it is in its cosy - hadspun white North Ronaldsay. Not the best bit of fleece I've bought off e-bay to be honest, there wasa lot I couldn't use, but I managed to eke it out just enough to knit this mini rare-breed cosy with about 3 ft of wool left:) Sweet, isn't it?

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