Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Things found - postscript

I have just taken a book off the shelf which caught my eye, whilst looking for another one; it's an old craft book called News Chronicle Needlework and Crafts. No date on it, but I suspect mid 1930s or thereabouts. The frontispiece has a picture of a very pretty embroidered cushion cover with a spray of lilac as the design. The covering sheet for the photo, like a thin transparent tissue paper, bears the legend "A transfer of the design is enclosed in the envelope at the end of the book"

Against all odds, the transfer is indeed still there, and unused to boot. I bought this book early last year, probably from the tip, as it has no price inside, but had yet to look at it. I'd love to make the cushion cover, so will investigate what I need in the way of materials and raid the stash LOL.

Two books in a row bearing little treasures. Good start to the New Year :)

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MelMel said...

Lovely to find something and use it....look forward to seeing what you make!xx