Monday, 1 September 2008

Bag swap - my effort!

We are doing a cloth bag swap on Creatve Living at the moment, following on from our May campaign This is my effort. Made from a charity shop t-shirt, the type with spaghetti straps; fold in half the opposit way to usual, and seam along the bottom. Embellish as required, and there you go! Mine has a panel that says "Been there, done that, used to be the t-shirt......", and is decorated with buttons.


Greentwinsmummy said...

oh thats just MARVELOUS :o) I love the slogan :o)

Leanne said...

thats wonderful sarah...a really novel idea! yours wont be an anonymous one now though... lol lol

Leanne x

MrsL said...

Admit the slogan is not entirely mine - saw it /something similar ages ago on the net. Great fun, and if it inspires someone else to recycle when they read it, I'm sure that's a good thing!