Monday, 1 September 2008

New crochet project

Far back in the mists of time, I saw a very beautiful crocheted cloth in a shop window; it was light green in the centre, surrounded by variegated pansies, finely crocheted in cotton, in just the right colours. I hankered after that cloth for years, and a while back was actually able to find the pattern on e-bay for a few pence. I had been collecting the crochet cotton for years in bits and pieces, but the colours required for this piece eluded me until recently. The lovely woman in the feed store where we get our animal feed had some in her loft, the result of a clearing out of a recently deceased relative. "Do you crochet? You look as if you do.........." was the comment as we paid for the mixed corn :) Some weeks later, several boxes of cottons appeared, mine for the taking:

The green and teh variegated yellow are in there, so I'll add in the pruple I acquired elsewhere. Couldn't resist starting last night, so ahve the first 3 rounds done, looking good so far, the green is such a pretty colour. This is the pattern, and hopefully soon I'll have my own pansy cloth too:


Shropshire Girl said...

That is a lovely pattern, pansies are my favourite flower too. Good luck and post a picture won't you when it's finished.

Bovey Belle said...

Ooh - that is gorgeous Sarah. I am still working up confidence on pattern reading - could be a while before I get round to anything as complicated as this, but how pretty it is.