Friday, 5 September 2008

Up along and down along..............I

These are some pictures of White Mill, near Sturminster Marshall, owned by the NT. We have driven by it several times over the past few months, but today we pulled in to the car park, ate our lunch, then got out and had a look around; what a lovely old building; I fell in love with the two dovecotes on the front - wonder if I could fit something like that in the garden? :) The mill race needs clearing out, and it would be wonderful to see it fully restored, but not sure if they are going to, will have to try and find out. Teh river is the Stour. Mill cottage sits beside it, partly built into one end of the mill itself, really interesting. The mill is open soem weekends, so we may well have a jaunt down and have a peep inside.This from the NT site: "Corn mill with original wooden machinery in a peaceful riverside setting
Contains original 18th-century elm and applewood machinery ." Certainly worth a visit. The picture of the roadway is the lane coming down towards the junction by the mill - a typical country lane around Dorset, one steeped in history and following the well-trodden path of hundreds of years, undoubtedly older.

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