Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ends and beginnings.......

A momentous day here at The Deanery - Bean starts college this morning, she'll be getting off the bus about now. this is A Big Thing for both of us - she has been around all day every day (more or less) for the past 17 years, being home educated. She has been looking forward to it for so long, and I'm sure she won't be disappointed, and will give it all she's got. Looking forward to her coming home this evening to ehar all about it. I must learn to stop nagging about bus passes and money and ID cards.................:)

In the meantime, the onion hat is finished; I got it done last night whilst watching a very interesting programme about wreck divers in the Thames, bringing up all sorts of artefacts that revealed a lot about ordinary peoples' lives and work on the river. For me, much more interesting and relevant than grandeur and expensive treasures; more poignant to peep into the lives of those more like ourselves I feel. Anyhoo, here's the hat:

A large part of this afternoon will be spent sorting through my bookshelves - again! I really need to shed some, but it will be hard........ I reckon some 50+ will go; I'll see how close I am with that estimate by the end of the day.

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Kim said...

Lovely hat, Sarah :) I watched that program too, it was fascinating. I loved the leather palm pad for fixing nets. My daughter said I needed one :)

Kim x