Saturday, 6 September 2008

Why I love the internet................

Just had a couple of lightbulb moments, courtesy of the internet. What I love about the net is the endless possibilities of tangential inspiration. You start off looking into one thing, and end up miles awy from your origianl subject, via odd-bod blogs, strange sites, webcams, Youtube, e-bay, Amazon, forums and chat boards, suppliers links, all sorts. It really is a wonderful world out there, and most of it is on the net.
This morning, I started off looking at axes, trying to locate a specific one for a specific purpose. I have thus ended up with two new projects for this weekend - making honey vinegar, and making a wool yarn duster. I have a vinegar crock, I have lots of wool - bingo, on goes the lightbulb.

Didn't find an axe, though...............:)

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La Ferme de Sourrou said...

I love the internet too and for people living in the sticks it's a wonderful way to get out there and find out anything about everything !